2022 Boston Marathon - Course Information Update #2

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2022 Boston Marathon - Course Information Update #2

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Once again, thanks for volunteering as part of the Amateur Radio communications team at the 2022 Boston Marathon! The following message contains several important updates for you regarding race day so please take a few moments to review.

ASSIGNMENT UPDATES - Link to Current Assignment List by Station: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

If you have not already done so we ask that you download the current assignment listing from the link above and locate your specific course assignment in the list. I am hopeful that you are still able to fulfill your assignment and please only consider cancelling if absolutely necessary, however if you find it necessary to cancel please let me know before Sunday evening so we can plan accordingly. As a reminder, if you are exhibiting ANY symptoms of COVID leading up to race day please reach out to me ASAP to cancel your assignment.

Many of you have already reached out through our initial survey to indicate your assignment flexibility in the event we need to shuffle things around a bit, and I thank everyone for providing that information. Also if you are assigned to the first few stations on the course and are willing to take an additional assignment later in the day we could potentially use some additional coverage towards the end of the course to cover any gaps that arise. Generally, early stations (M01-M04, H02-H09) will return to the Hampton Inn in Framingham for a period of time while we determine if additional down-course resources are needed. Please reply and let me know if you are willing to support such a role if needed.

There is still a high likelihood that additional assignments may have to be adjusted this week, so please check your e-mail periodically during the week just in case. If needed, any final updates would be sent before 3:00pm Sunday.

RACE MORNING MEETING LOCATIONS/CHECK-IN PROCEDURES AND COVID VAX UPDATES: Again this year, please note there will be NO CENTRALIZED LOCATIONS FOR MORNING CHECK-IN. All check-in procedures for course volunteers will take place at an assigned Medical Tent. I have included the initial reporting locations in the link above on where to report on race morning to receive your jacket/credentials for the day, and will be finalizing the times with our race partners in the next day or so. At the moment, check in times are expected to be a bit later than years past and I am not currently expecting anything earlier than 06:00. Please also note when checking-in a photo ID will also be required.

If you experienced any issues during the 2021 race in receiving your materials, please let me know ASAP so we can try to mitigate those issues for this year.

All volunteers are required to provide proof of a complete vaccination series (CDC card showing two weeks after your final shot) via the CrowdPass system. Per the BAA, if you are experiencing any issues with your verification process, please e-mail support@crowdpass.co as they have support staff that can assist with any issues. If you did not get a QR code in your e-mail, you should be able to log into the CrowdPass website to obtain one. If after reaching out you are still not able to upload your documents, please let me know ASAP.

If you are experiencing ANY symptoms of COVID leading up to the race or on race morning, please reach out to cancel your assignment as soon as possible. In addition, I will have further instructions later this week on how to contact me on race morning for any last-minute cancellations.

As always, we appreciate your flexibility during these very trying times!

WEATHER UPDATE: As we gear up for this year's race, the extended forecast is starting to come into view and is showing a chance of showers and relatively cooler temperatures (approximately upper 40s to low 50s). As always please keep in mind that these are early forecasts and will likely change a bit during the week.

FREQUENCY/CHANNEL UPDATES: The final frequency lists (ICS-205) have been published and they are now available for you to review and download. C1 provides course wide coverage and we encourage you to have all C1 frequencies programmed. C10 will once again be used for the early stations on the course which provides better coverage in that area. The information for this and other frequencies we are using can be found in the documentation tab at hamradioboston.org.

COURSE STATION LIST: The 2022 Course Station List has been updated and posted to hamradioboston.org. Please download it and have it available on race day, as it contains address locations of your assignment as well as primary/secondary/course wide channel assignments. And as always, as part of our after action review please consider including in your comments which frequencies worked well for you during the race, especially the C1 frequency that was the clearest.

EVERBRIDGE BAA TEXTING PROGRAM : This year, the BAA will once again have the ability to send important messages to volunteers, including Amateur Radio operators, via the Everbridge mobile app. Additional instructions were provided by the BAA this past week on how to download and access these race updates - let us know if you have not received this e-mail. Please try to keep your phone charged and available during the day if possible so that you are able to receive any of these messages. In previous years we were able to send a message about a repeater issue to all of you, so this is a great way to communicate in the event of a radio issue. Also note that in the event of a course-wide emergency, you will be notified by text message regardless of whether you have the mobile app or not.

PICTURES/VIDEO TAKING: If anyone is able to take pictures or video of volunteers or our operations in action and would like to share for use by the Communications Committee and the BAA, please feel free to forward them to me and I will add them to our media collection along with your name/call sign for future credit in our presentations, publicity, and possibly more. Especially useful are pictures of all volunteers in action as well as team/group photos. As we get closer to the race I will provide a Dropbox upload link for you to submit pictures during the day which will be shared in real-time with our BAA and community partners.

HYDRATION STATION UPDATES: If you find yourself staffing a hydration station this year where you are the only volunteer on both sides of the road, please try to stay near both your primary team captain and on the side of the road where the PA system is located. This allows you to quickly relay messages to the proper station leaders.

Also when calling in your statistics, please note that you will be calling in ONLY ONE set of statistics for both sides of the road instead of separate stats for both left and right sides.

The Hydration Station staff will be taking photos of the completed table setups on each side of the road for future reference. If you are able to gather a photo of their setup as well, please try to take them from both angles (up and down course) and forward to me after the race or via our Dropbox upload.

When closing stations this year, there is a request to notify your station captain/leader that the road reopening vehicle is two stations away (you may also provide a one station away notification, but please keep your leaders posted). This allows them to better prepare their stations for closing when these vehicles arrive.

Finally, as per the segment plan there will be a vehicle travelling down the race course early on (starting at 7:00am) with a hydration supervisor and “Gatorade Checker”. We would like to track this team down the course so when they arrive at your station, please let either the NCOC and/or the next two stations know so they can prepare to be the next stop.


- Some positions along the course (particularly medical stations) may provide some food and/or snacks, however there is no published list of these stations and not all stations provide this so everyone is encouraged to bring some food, snacks, and plenty of water with them on race day.
- The Course Segment Communications Plan, station list, frequencies, and other pertinent information have been posted on the HamRadioBoston.org website. If you have not already done so, please review the documentation at your earliest convenience.
- If you are interested in connecting with other volunteers or looking for another venue to pass along questions, there are the forums at the hamradioboston.org site that you can log into. There is a thread set up for Course assignments. Some users have reported issues with logging in, and if you still experience issues please email contact@hamradioboston.org for support.
- At the request of the BAA and our public safety partners, these documents are not for public release this year. We ask that you please do not post them on forums or distribute to people who are not amateur radio volunteers for the 2022 Marathon.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns leading up to race day. If your availability has changed, please be sure to let me know as soon as possible by e-mailing at kb1kqw@hamradioboston.org. In order to answer everyone’s question in time for race day, make sure to contact me before 6pm on Sunday, April 17.

The next update will be sent later this week. With just over one week left to go before the races start, thanks again and I look forward to working with you all on Monday, April 18!


Jim Palmer – KB1KQW
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