2022 Boston Marathon - Course Information Update #3 (Final Reminders)

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2022 Boston Marathon - Course Information Update #3 (Final Reminders)

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As we are on final approach to Monday's marathon, we have some updated information for you as well as a few reminders regarding your assignment Monday as part of the COURSE Amateur Radio communications team at the 2022 Boston Marathon.

WEATHER UPDATE: Monday's forecast is calling for a relatively cooler, partly cloudy day - perfect marathon weather! Clouds will be on the increase throughout the day but winds are expected to remain light at around 5-15mph towards Boston with a sea breeze. Temperatures will start out around 40 degrees at check-in time and reach to the upper 40s to low 50s by early afternoon.

As always, please be sure to drink plenty of water during the day so you remain hydrated and have sunscreen on-hand if needed.

ASSIGNMENT UPDATES/CANCELLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Due to some recent cancellations, it has become necessary to change a couple of assignments. Please refer to the following link for the latest updates:

Amateur Radio Course Station Assignments and Check-in Locations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 8ppV9Mrz8/

It is possible that we will need to adjust a few more assignments this evening and/or tomorrow morning, and we will work to communicate any additional changes to you directly in addition to updating the link above. If multiple changes are made, I will send out an additional e-mail message to let everyone know. I encourage everyone to check this list before turning in for the night on Sunday to ensure your assignment has not changed. Thanks as always to everyone for their flexibility!

A reminder that if you are experiencing ANY symptoms of COVID leading up to the race or on race morning, please reach out to cancel your assignment as soon as possible. You can reach me by e-mail all the way through to race day as I am continuously monitoring my account.

On race day itself, if you need to cancel please call the Course NCOC Phone Line at 617-751-3407 any time after 6:30am to let us know. After calling, please also send me an e-mail as a backup so we can properly notify the BAA as well.

RACE MORNING MEETING LOCATIONS: A reminder that once again this year, there are NO CENTRALIZED LOCATIONS FOR MORNING CHECK-IN. All check-in procedures for course volunteers will take place at an assigned Medical Tent. When checking-in a photo ID will also be required. In order to receive your jacket/credentials for the day and for information on where to report, please refer to the following link:

Amateur Radio Course Station Assignments and Check-in Locations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 8ppV9Mrz8/

Since there are no morning meetings again this year, you will notice many of the check-in times are later than usual. You may also have gotten an assignment reminder this past week from the BAA which stated a check-in time of 5:30am which is the start time of our earliest stations (unfortunately we are unable to publish individual times via that message). As a reminder, please refer to the link above for your specific time.

All hydration station check-in times are based on the latest information from the Hydration team and reflect the check-in time of their teams at the station. If you would like to check-in earlier at your assigned medical tent location (and we strongly encourage you to do so if possible), you can use the time listed for your paired Medical Tent check-in and get your volunteer jacket/credentials This primarily affects stations from Newton to Boston.

I know there have been some delays in finalizing this information but I truly thank everyone for their patience as we worked to provide the most current and accurate information possible to get this information to you. It's possible that your check-in time may not fully match up with your station's time but we have done our best to get it as close as possible. If you experience any significant issues, please contact the Course NCOC on either C1, your designated net channel, or by phone.

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR H02-H06: Since your station opening time is before the opening of the first medical tents, please plan to check-in for your assignment at Babson College in the Knight Parking Lot. While there is an entrance to the campus alongside the lot, your best access may be through the main entrance. Look for the Amateur Radio team when you arrive as your jacket/credentials will not be with the Red Cross materials. If this presents any issues please let me know ASAP.

CHECK-IN PROCEDURES AND COVID VAX UPDATES: All volunteers are required to provide proof of a complete vaccination series (CDC card showing two weeks after your final shot) via the CrowdPass system. Be sure to have your CrowdPass confirmation e-mail or barcode available to you on race day in the event your medical tent requests this at check-in. If you have not been able to complete your online verification process, please contact me ASAP so we can determine next possible steps.

This year along the course, masks are not required unless you are working in a Medical Tent. There will be masks provided to everyone that needs one at these locations. Once again, we appreciate your flexibility during these very trying times!

FREQUENCY/CHANNEL UPDATES: We have an IMPORTANT update for any stations assigned to C1C as their backup repeater. We received word that the Weston Repeater (146.79) is experiencing intermittent issues with the transmitter. In order to partially rectify this, the repeater will be operating in CSQ mode for the marathon. If you have already programmed your radio, you will need to update your programming in order to remove all PL information (CSQ). Otherwise, your radio will not be able to receive any traffic from this repeater on race day.

If you have not already done so, please download the most current ICS-205 and have your radio programmed prior to race day. Several volunteers have asked which frequencies to specifically program, and we recommend that you program all of the Course channels into your radio in the event an alternative frequency is needed. If you have time, it's also good to have the Transportation channels handy to monitor but you will be operating on the Course channels during the event.

C10 is once again planned to be used for the early stations on the course, and C1 is a linked course-wide system (please make note of the best C1 repeater that works for you) - and be sure to refer to the important note above. As always please note that if you are trying to test your radio please note that C10 is a temporary repeater which may not be in service until later this weekend.

The information for this and other frequencies we are using can be found in the documentation tab at hamradioboston.org.

HYDRATION STATISTICS FORM: The 2022 Hydration Statistics form has been posted to hamradioboston.org and is now available for download. We will continue to report Gatorade statistics as well as incorporating some new sustainability information at station closing in our reporting. If you are working at a hydration station please print out a copy or two of this form and have them with you for reference as you report at the start and finish of your assignment. We will also provide one copy to the pair of hydration stations in your check-in package.

At the end of your day, please take a picture of your stats form and e-mail to hydrationstats@hamradioboston.org. This will allow you to submit the paper form as a backup to both myself and the Hydration Program Coordinator.

COURSE NCOC PHONE LINE: If you need to reach us by phone on race day, please call the Course NCOC phone line at 617-751-3407. We may request you call this number when checking in if we don't have your cell number in advance and we need to reach you during the event.

And finally, for your convenience here are some reminders from our previous e-mail:

EVERBRIDGE BAA TEXTING PROGRAM : This year, the BAA will once again have the ability to send important messages to volunteers, including Amateur Radio operators, via the Everbridge mobile app. Additional instructions were provided by the BAA this past week on how to download and access these race updates - let us know if you have not received this e-mail. Please try to keep your phone charged and available during the day if possible so that you are able to receive any of these messages. In previous years we were able to send a message about a repeater issue to all of you, so this is a great way to communicate in the event of a radio issue. Also note that in the event of a course-wide emergency, you will be notified by text message regardless of whether you have the mobile app or not.

PICTURES/VIDEO TAKING: If anyone is able to take pictures or video of volunteers or our operations in action and would like to share for use by the Communications Committee and the BAA, please feel free to forward them to me and I will add them to our media collection along with your name/call sign for future credit in our presentations, publicity, and possibly more. Especially useful are pictures of all volunteers in action as well as team/group photos.

Here is a Dropbox upload link for you to submit pictures and video clips during the day which will be shared in real-time with our BAA and community partners. This link will remain active for several weeks after the race:

Upload your photos/videos here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/RTVNMx1z0JNGflZ84oT1

HYDRATION STATION UPDATES: If you find yourself staffing a hydration station this year where you are the only volunteer on both sides of the road, please try to stay near both your primary team captain and on the side of the road where the PA system is located. This allows you to quickly relay messages to the proper station leaders.

Also when calling in your statistics, please note that you will be calling in ONLY ONE set of statistics for both sides of the road instead of separate stats for both left and right sides.

The Hydration Station staff will be taking photos of the completed table setups on each side of the road for future reference. If you are able to gather a photo of their setup as well, please try to take them from both angles (up and down course) and forward to me after the race or via our Dropbox upload.

When closing stations this year, there is a request to notify your station captain/leader that the road reopening vehicle is two stations away (you may also provide a one station away notification, but please keep your leaders posted). This allows them to better prepare their stations for closing when these vehicles arrive.

Finally, as per the segment plan there will be a vehicle travelling down the race course early on (starting at 7:00am) with a hydration supervisor and “Gatorade Checker”. We would like to track this team down the course so when they arrive at your station, please let either the NCOC and/or the next two stations know so they can prepare to be the next stop.

FOOD/DRINK AT YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Some positions along the course (particularly medical stations) may provide some food and/or snacks, however there is no published list of these stations and not all stations provide this so everyone is encouraged to bring some food, snacks, and plenty of water with them on race day.

DOCUMENTATION: The Course Segment Communications Plan, station list, frequencies, and other pertinent information have been posted on the HamRadioBoston.org website. If you have not already done so, please review the documentation at your earliest convenience. Please remember that at the request of the BAA and our public safety partners, these documents are not for public release this year. We ask that you please do not post them on forums or distribute to people who are not amateur radio volunteers for the 2022 Marathon.

Please let me know if you have any last minute questions, comments, or concerns by e-mailing me at kb1kqw@hamradioboston.org. In order to answer everyone’s question in time for race day, make sure to contact us before 6pm tomorrow.

This is the final planned full coordination message for our team. While we do not expect to send any major updates, we strongly recommend checking your e-mail during the day tomorrow just in case a last minute update is needed. Once again, thanks for volunteering as part of the Amateur Radio communications team at the 2022 Boston Marathon and we look forward to working with you all throughout the day on Monday!


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