2022 Boston Marathon Course Amateur Radio Assignments

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2022 Boston Marathon Course Amateur Radio Assignments

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Hi James,

Please find below your course-specific assignment for the 2022 Boston Marathon. The list is in order of the marathon route, from Hopkinton to Boston and separated by Medical, Hydration, and Reserve assignments. Specific reporting locations and times for race morning will be sent out in the next update.

If you are assigned to a Hydration Station, there may be an optional training meeting for you to attend later this week. I will send more information to you on this once this meeting has been confirmed.

If you have an assignment listed as a "Reserve Assignment", please don't worry. We will have an assignment for you on race day, and will have more information for you shortly.

Also within the next day or two, the BAA will be sending out an invitation for you to join our Everbridge group and download the app. While not required, this tool will be used to communicate with all course volunteers in the event we cannot reach you by radio and/or relay important course-wide information. Please keep an eye out for this invitation and let us know if you have any questions.

Finally, there may be an available assignment or two at the Course Net Control Operations Center. If you are interested in being considered for one of these assignments, please take a moment to fill out the following Google Form and let us know about any Net Control experience you have: Course NCOC Questionnaire

As always, please feel free to reach out if there are any questions or concerns, and if there are any issues with your assignment let me know ASAP. Thanks again for all your continued support of the Boston Marathon!


Jim Palmer – KB1KQW
BAA Communications Committee
Course Amateur Radio Segment Coordinator

2022 Boston Marathon ‐ Amateur Radio Course Assignments (4/5/2022 ‐ 20:00)
Group Sub Section Assignment Assignee
Course Medical M01A Sripathi, Girish (KC1IGD)
Course Medical M01B David, Christopher (KB1LUJ)
Course Medical M02A Pooley, John (W1JPI)
Course Medical M02B Jabara, Ron (N1VR)
Course Medical M03A Diiorio, Theodora (W1PUP)
Course Medical M03B Murray, Christopher (W1MEK)
Course Medical M04A Spencer, Roger (KC 1 BXH)
Course Medical M04B Terase, John (KB1VRS)
Course Medical M05A Knowles, Matthew (KC1AEI)
Course Medical M05B Rea II, Anthony (WB1GUQ)
Course Medical M06A Mannion, Patrick (W1PAC)
Course Medical M06B Sherman, Zachary (KC1NXK)
Course Medical M07A Wattendorf, Bruce (W1BAW)
Course Medical M07B Wattendorf, Nicholas (N1NRW)
Course Medical M08A Blumenfeld, James (W1JIM)
Course Medical M08B Barg, Michael (WA1MB)
Course Medical M09A Fowler, Richard (KB1OFC)
Course Medical M09B Rexroad, Charles (AB1CR)
Course Medical M10A Thornton, Ronald (N1JKL)
Course Medical M10B McLernon, Mike (KC1JKS)
Course Medical M11A Barden, Jody (KB1NTD)
Course Medical M11B Savage, Thomas (KC1 PTA)
Course Medical M12A Marcus, John (W1JWM)
Course Medical M12B Goldstein, Noah (KB1VWZ)
Course Medical M13A Jones, George P. (W2GPJ)
Course Medical M13B Prescott, Patrick (KC1AJT)
Course Medical M14A Artamonov, Dmitri (KC1GSX)
Course Medical M14B Beckley, Ronald (N1RJB)
Course Medical M15A Ostwergaard, Jens (AA1AG)
Course Medical M15B Genera, Phil (W1JV)
Course Medical M16A Schwarm, Stephen (W3EVE)
Course Medical M16B Trumann, Dana (W1KEY)
Course Medical M17A Crombie, Philip (K1XFC)
Course Medical M17B Cerys, Daniel (K1DLC)
Course Medical M18A Kearns, James (KC1AGQ)
Course Medical M18B Heckman, Adam (KC1JOW)
Course Medical M19A Mcgill, James (W1JKM)
Course Medical M19B Besch, Mark (NS1V)
Course Medical M20A Hersey, Steve (N1XNX)
Course Medical M20B Ernest, Dwight (KA2CNN)
Course Medical M21A Marcel, John (K1FDD)
Course Medical M21B Chao, Matthew (N1IBB)
Course Medical M22A Mccarthy, Charles (KC1BAZ)
Course Medical M22B Parish, Edward (K1EP)
Course Medical M23A Hart, Richard (KB1RBQ)
Course Medical M23B Hecht, Howard (KC1BHO)
Course Medical M24A Crook, Stephen (KB1LKR)
Course Medical M24B Moore, Richard (KB1MVK)
Course Medical M25A Bruce, Richard (KC1PBG)
Course Medical M25B Hart, Chris (K1ZG)
Course Medical M26A Titelbaum, David (KB1MSR)
Course Medical M26B Royer, Michael (KC1HNG)

Course Water Station H02L Daniels, Robert (WA1ROB)
Course Water Station H02R Henry, Steven (AE1G)
Course Water Station H03L Cruz, Hector (KB3ZOO)
Course Water Station H03R Wilner, Ira (W1IRA)
Course Water Station H04L Hagen, Steven (KD2QKU)
Course Water Station H04R endyke, joseph (KC1MIQ)
Course Water Station H05L Skinner, Glenn (W1RBO)
Course Water Station H05R Lee, Robert (KN6PXS)
Course Water Station H06L Peterson, Jedidiah (KC1KQZ)
Course Water Station H06R Dygert, Donald (KT1OK)
Course Water Station H07L Butcher, Robert (KC1MIU)
Course Water Station H07R Bourgeois, Shane (KC1QIO)
Course Water Station H08L Bashta, K. Randall (N1KRB)
Course Water Station H08R Morrison, Patrick (W1YTT)
Course Water Station H09L Nicholson, William (N1WEN)
Course Water Station H09R Celuzza, Stephen (K1SAC)
Course Water Station H10L Trott, Mel (KC1ELB)
Course Water Station H10R Trott, Matthew (KB1MLP)
Course Water Station H11L Brown, Henry (K1WCC)
Course Water Station H11R Foley, Daniel (KC1OPN)
Course Water Station H12L Gatlin, Jason (KC1KMB)
Course Water Station H12R Fowler, Jeffrey (KA1TMA)
Course Water Station H13L Campbell, James (KC1PGS)
Course Water Station H13R Oram, Scott (N0RAM)
Course Water Station H14L Ensley, Doug (KB1THP)
Course Water Station H14R Fitzpatrick, Brian (KC1NGD)
Course Water Station H15L Teague, Richard (KB1PHO)
Course Water Station H15R Barden, Andrew (KB1NEG)
Course Water Station H16L Dolan, Sydney (KM4BTG)
Course Water Station H16R Manna, Anne (WB1ARU)
Course Water Station H17L Ciampa, Andrew (KC1QJC)
Course Water Station H17R Brennessel, Spencer (NU3R)
Course Water Station H18L Gerber, Terri (KB1/TNG)
Course Water Station H18R McBride, Matthew (KB1WEV)
Course Water Station H19L Marini, Joe (KC1QAZ)
Course Water Station H19R Vasselin, Christopher (KC1OHP)
Course Water Station H20L Moralez, Edwin (W1AEZ)
Course Water Station H20R Li, Charlie (K3CL)
Course Water Station H21L Dulcey, Mark (KE1L)
Course Water Station H21R Barrett, John (KC1ADT)
Course Water Station H22R Hein, James (N8VIM)
Course Water Station H23R Heile, Richard (KA1RH)
Course Water Station H23L Vasiliou, Peter (N1HGD)
Course Water Station H24L Traum, Jonathan (K1BTZ)
Course Water Station H24R Kreski, Patrick (KJ2G)
Course Water Station H25L Bohl, Kyle (KC1LQN)
Course Water Station H25R Solomon, Stuart (W1SHS)

Course Reserve Assignment Horrigan, Joseph (KI6MEU)
Course Reserve Assignment Stone, Jay (N1KTL)
Course Reserve Assignment Golob, Cory (KU1U)
Course Reserve Assignment Pribula, Paul (N1ZF)
Course Reserve Assignment Hooker, Richard (KB3PFW)
Course Reserve Assignment Franklin, Ron (K1RAF)
Course Reserve Assignment Vormelker, Lee (N1QZL)
Course Reserve Assignment FINCH, PETER (K1EXR)
Course Reserve Assignment Gilberti, Paul (W1PAG)
Course Reserve Assignment Austin, Nancy (KC1NEK)
Course Reserve Assignment Moss, Brooke (KC1QDN)
Course Reserve Assignment Bilodeau, Paul (W1GAN)
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