RFC: Best Web Sites to Sell Gear

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RFC: Best Web Sites to Sell Gear

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Request for comment: best web sites to sell new or used ham radio equipment.

I have some things that I'd like to sell to thin out my collection and am looking for recommendations from anyone who has had success at selling online. Off the top of my head I know of several possibilities...

Craig's List

From that list I selected Craig's List first because it is free. Next up will probably be eBay. I tried signing up for an account on eham.net but haven't received the verification email yet despite several attempts at resending it. I reached out to the site's webmaster but haven't heard back from her/him yet either. I am probably not going to try Facebook because I've been off of it for a long time and have no desire to go back.

Here's a list of the things I want to sell in case anyone here is interested. You can contact me via email or cell phone for more information...

Yaesu FTM-100D - used
MFJ-1775 Rotatable Mini-dipole - used
MFJ-226 Graphical Antenna Analyzer - used
Comet CP5-5NMO Lip Antenna Mount - New
PulseLarsen KG-2/70-CX-PL Glass Mount Dual Band Antenna - used (with brand new reinstall kit)

TIA for any/all information.
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