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by AC1KQ
Sat Apr 16, 2022 12:44
Forum: Transportation Segment
Topic: Race Day Maps
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Race Day Maps

Would it be possible to post the map that SAG drivers get on race day? Last year, there were significant differences between the Transport Segment documentation and the routes the drivers were given. Also, it would be far easier to help with directions if we all had a digital copy of the map ahead o...
by AC1KQ
Fri Apr 08, 2022 19:01
Forum: Radio Equipment
Topic: What to bring, what to expect
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Re: What to bring, what to expect

If you have an Anytone 878UV HT, consider making that your primary. Can’t beat the volume on that model, either on headset or speaker. DMR is more or less unnecessary unless specifically required for your assignment. Make sure you have a backup plan for when your headset starts to get uncomfortable ...