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by W1BPM
Sun Apr 10, 2022 17:37
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Topic: Sweeps: Primary ICS205 Channel?
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Sweeps: Primary ICS205 Channel?

Hello, On the FINISH Area Communications plan, it says that the B4 repeater should be the primary Sweeps channel, and to use the B3 channel if you are unable to use B4 because B3 cross-bands into B4. However, on the ICS205 I see that B9 is the preferred Medical Sweeps Net. Just want to ask: which is...
by W1BPM
Sun Apr 10, 2022 17:07
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Topic: RFC: Best Web Sites to Sell Gear
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Re: RFC: Best Web Sites to Sell Gear

I've purchased multiple items from with success.
I'd imagine that selling items on that site is also easy and cheap (I believe it doesn't cost anything to list/sell items).
Ben de W1BPM
by W1BPM
Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:34
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Topic: Dress code?
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Dress code?


I read in the documentation that the official dress code is black pants and a white shirt (official uniform for red cross personnel apparently).

Do you know how strict this is? I currently don't have a decent pair of black pants, but I can purchase some if needed.